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Pete 2020

I am 60 years young and registered Disabled.

I use to work as a truck mechanic for 35+ years but due to an accident at work in October 2008, a jack broke breaking my neck and my back it left me disabled and in a wheelchair and on a cocktail of various drugs.

Because of this i have had to make some drastic changes to my life especially my hobbies, like off roading, motorbike trailing, Quad bike, para gliding, Scuba Diving, Running even going for a walk all had to go and do something different, it took me years to accept being disabled and even longer to get over the accident, loosing my freedom.

I use to do Photograph Models, but over the years found it getting harder and harder, on location i cannot always get to the location where the shoot was, sometimes I have had to let them down at last minute because of health problems, this couldn't go on it wasn't fair to them, I was also struggling in the Studio setting up lights etc.

Now i have taken up wildlife photography it is still hard getting to some places but now its at my pace, where i want to go, how long for and when is now all up to me.

I do miss the Model Photography and still in contact with some Models and Photographers 1 Model being my Bestie and escorted her to Bristol Calendar Girl of the year competition and London Glamor Girl Party, Both an awesome night out.

Over the years i have attempted suicide, self harming didnt like people or mixing, feeling no one loved or wanted me, But Now managed to get about more and more now i have my head nearly “fixed” with all the t hings thats been going on in my life.

Since i got my truck i have been out every day and night doing what i like when i like, meeting new people making new friends and having the best time ever for a very long time.

My meds Ive cut right down now, i’m off my Morphine that i was on for 11 years and various other drugs stopped, i’m only on a couple now but working on that with my Ace Doctor she and her Nurses and mental health expert will have me sorted now i want to change, i didn't before so they were fighting a loosing battle.

The Royal British Legion has been a tremendous help over the last 12 years and now its payback time.




River Thames 2022


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Pete 2020